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Our permanent staff are highly qualified medical practitioners with experience in both emergency medical care, occupational Health, Training and medical event management. We also provide emergency medical assistance to a wide variety of events, including; concerts, exhibitions, conferences, team building, sporting and motor sport events. EMC is currently the preferred medical service provider to the largest Stadium in SA – FNB Stadium.

EMC has assisted in setting up on-site medical Clinics at various Blue Chip Event venues and stadia around SA and equip these facilities with medical hardware, equipment, consumables and medication. EMC has also staffed these medical centres during events.

EMC currently own & manage a fleet of over forty (40) Emergency Vehicles and Ambulances, Together with over 300 adhoc medical staff and specialist equipment we offer a very solid and sound pre-hospital medical solution. We also have the backup support of various pre-hospital operational Ambulance and Aero medical services.

EMC has a very close working relationship with the Hospital Groups. We have direct lines with National Management and the respective Head Offices. This ensures the effective cooperation between us and the closest hospitals to streamline the admission process and follow up on progress on admissions and referrals.

In addition to the above, EMC manages the medical and clinic services at S.A’s only ski resort, Tiffindel. As well as Afriski Resort in Lesotho. A 4x4 Ambulance is based at these Ski resorts every winter for four months.

Every site is different and unique, as are the medical requirements. There are many contributing factors such as size, location, duration, number of people and nature of the industry which will determine the medical compliment. Our management team are available to asses all the various sites, take all this information into account and will tailor all the medical requirements. Our site managers are present at all the on-site/pre-planning meetings; we liaise with all hospitals and other Emergency services in the area. EMC also provides the relevant medical procedure plans and contact numbers required by the local authorities.

EMC (Pty) Ltd remains the market leader in Emergency Medical Assistance, Occupational Health Care, Training and medical event management. EMC continues to provide the premier medical service in and around South Africa!


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